Centralized logging, diagnostics and
exceptions handling
  • Logging functionality
  • Exceptions tracking
  • Metrics & analytics
  • Free for developers
  • Can be installed on-premises
Easy to install

Lightweight and highly customizable SDK

Exceptions tracking

KissLog automatically captures and logs all the application exceptions

Logging functionality

Write log messages to follow workflows, track parameters and debug execution details

Metrics & analytics

KissLog monitors all the HTTP traffic, generating metrics and statistics about the application usage and behavior

On-premises support

KissLog can be installed on-premises

Alerting service

Get automatic notifications when specific events happens to your applications

Centralized logging
KissLog captures all the HTTP traffic, generating useful metrics and diagnostics data.
Logs and exceptions are grouped per each individual request.
Exceptions tracking
All the exceptions are categorized, making it easy to follow the occurrences.
Automatic notifications
Using alerts, you can intercept all the requests produced by your applications.
If an alert gets triggered, you can receive automatic notifications on email, Slack, Microsoft Teams or custom webhooks.


Use kisslog.net to centralize the logs and metrics for your .NET applications

14 USD / month
28 USD / month
60 USD / month
per month
5.000 250.000 1.000.000 6.000.000
Applications unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Users 2 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Alerts unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
To get started, create an account. No credit card is required.

Install KissLog on your servers


  • Host on your own servers
  • Limited to 5 applications

To get started, download and install the KissLog server


350 USD
one-time payment
  • Host on your own servers
  • Unlimited applications
  • Unlimited software updates


850 USD
one-time payment
  • Host on your own servers and on your clients servers
  • Unlimited applications
  • Custom license terms
  • Unlimited software updates

Who is using KissLog?

kisslog.net is currently being used by about 1992 applications,
having a total number of 7729542 requests processed in the last 30 days.

Clients using KissLog

Mottu is a mobility and motorcycle rental startup focus to solve the last mile logistic.

In just 2 years, Mottu already has a fleet of over 5,000 motorcycles and more than 60,000 deliveries per month.


Technoberg IT Services is an ICT solutions provider specialized in software security.

Founded in 1997 in Purmerend, Netherlands, Technoberg provides various IT services to a range of organizations, from SMEs to governments and multinationals.

AGILE FLEX increased its productivity and achieved faster delivery times using KissLog as a standard tool to visualize analytics stats.