Saving the logs

KissLog saves the logs by using log listeners.

An application can use any number of log listeners.

Register log listeners

Log listeners are registered at application startup using the KissLogConfiguration.Listeners.Add() method.

public class MvcApplication : System.Web.HttpApplication
    protected void Application_Start()
        ILogListener cloudListener = new KissLogApiListener(new Application(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["KissLog.OrganizationId"], ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["KissLog.ApplicationId"]))
            ApiUrl = ""

        ILogListener textListener = new LocalTextFileListener(@"C:\\my-application\\logs");


Log listeners events

Log listeners are triggered automatically on three separate events:

  • OnBeginRequest() - executed at the beginning of the http request

  • OnMessage() - executed each time a log message is created

  • OnFlush() - executed at the end of the http request

GET /Home/Index                  <---- OnBeginRequest()

ILogger logger = Logger.Factory.Get();

logger.Debug("step 1");          <---- OnMessage()

logger.Info("step n");           <---- OnMessage()

HTTP 200 OK                      <---- OnFlush()