KissLog on-premises

KissLog server can be installed on-premises.

Hosting KissLog server locally, all the logs will be stored and accessible only from within your in-house servers.


  • KissLog.Backend-{version}-{platform}.zip

  • KissLog.Frontend-{version}-{platform}.zip

Artifacts can be downloaded from

Installation prerequisites

Local server
Azure hosting
Run as Docker container
  • SQL Database
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Storage account
  • 2x App Services


KissLog Backend

KissLog.Backend is the application responsible for saving the logs, exceptions and all other data aggregates.

Consumer applications (the applications you develop) are sending the logs to KissLog.Backend using HTTP requests.

KissLog Frontend

KissLog.Frontend represents the user-interface application where users (developers, business analysts, QA testers, application managers) can visualize the captured logs, exceptions and other metrics data.

KissLog arhitecture