KissLog can be installed on-premises. This way, the logs will be saved and accessed from local network, only.

KissLog is built on .Net Core framework.

The software dependencies (MongoDB and MySQL) are both free and available for Windows and Linux.

Installing Prerequisites

System requirements

Most of the hard work is done by the MongoDB server, which is using RAM to improve queries performance.

  • Having MongoDB on a server with 2GB of RAM dedicated for logs will be enough to start with

  • KissLog applications can be hosted on any recent multicore CPU server

You can install and host all the software components on a multicore CPU server, with 4GB of RAM (MongoDB, MySQL, 2 x IIS applications).

KissLog Architecture

  • KissLog.Backend exposes REST APIs for saving and querying logs, errors and trace information

  • Application A is sending logs to KissLog.Backend

  • User is accessing KissLog.Frontend to view the logs data of Application A

KissLog arhitecture

If you would like to host KissLog on-premises, please contact us.