Pricing on-premises

Acquire a license to install and use on your servers.
Complete control over your data
All the logs will be stored and accessible only from within your in-house servers.
Customize the user-interface appearance and make it unique to your own organization.
Configurable settings
Most of the settings are configurable, including data retention period and search indexing.
Perpetual license

Once you acquired a license, you can use the software indefinitely.

Host options
Host on Azure can be hosted entirely on Azure.

  • 2x App Services
  • Cosmos_DB_2 1x Azure Cosmos DB
  • 1x SQL database
Host on your servers

Host as a normal .NET Core web application.

  • 2x IIS applications
  • 1x MongoDB
  • 1x MS-SQL / MySQL database




  • Standard EULA
  • Unlimited applications
  • 12 months software updates

$ 250


  • Enterprise EULA
  • Custom license terms
  • Unlimited applications
  • 12 months software updates

$ 750

Switching to on-premises takes one line of code.

private void ConfigureKissLog()
	// KissLog cloud listener
	KissLogConfiguration.Listeners.Add(new KissLogApiListener()
		:hl:// specify the local on-premises endpoint
		:hl:ApiUrl = ""

Additiv is a leading provider in the field of digitalization of wealth managers. is used as the primary logging solution for the Digital-Finance-as-a-Service (DFaaS) product. cloud cloud can be used for testing purposes, for free.

We cannot guarantee the availability of your data, and it can be removed at any time, without prior notice.


  • Use cloud to centralize and view your application logs