Application Api Keys

To access the application Api Keys:

  1. Navigate to /Applications url

  2. Select the organization from the top left dropdown menu

  3. Click on the cogs icon under the application panel

  4. Get the “KissLog.OrganizationId” and the “KissLog.ApplicationId” values

Navigate to application configuration
Navigate to application configuration


The Api Keys values are used by the KissLogApiListener to identify the application on

protected void Application_Start()
    string organizationId = "5c2b442b-3f32-4b47-b293-a7a69d1e7fad";
    string applicationId = "0bcb8c3d-4edd-48c1-926d-33c684a3038a";

    ILogListener cloudListener = new KissLogApiListener(new Application(organizationId, applicationId))
        ApiUrl = ""